i’m upset 

I’m upset that a 17 year old who is now getting a ton of attention because of his association with 1D (I’m talking about this bullshit okay) can use an incredibly hurtful word, and when people try to point out how it’s wrong to use that word, they get attacked by an army of his followers, and get told “you’re probably gay” as if that’s meant to shut down their argument.

I’m mad that a member of One Direction openly advocates against bullying and yet bullying is SO FUCKING PREVALENT in this fandom. People use hateful language all the time, they use homophobic language towards the boys (even though they mean it as a compliment??? and it isn’t??? being called a f*g or f*ggot is hurtful. that language is used in fucking hate crimes. IT IS NOT A COMPLIMENT). Zayn is on the receiving end of so much racist language that he barely comes on twitter anymore. You’re supposed to like these boys, WHY DO YOU WANT TO INSULT THEM?

Why do you want to alienate members of One Direction fandom? Do you think gay, lesbian, bi, trans* and queer 1D fans don’t exist??? THEY DO, AND THEY DON’T LIKE CONSTANTLY BEING REMINDED THAT THEIR SEXUAL AND GENDER EXPRESSION IS MEANINGLESS TO YOU. 

This goes for 5sos too and it sucks that this hateful language is now related to One Direction. 

It sucks that I’m the one who is really upset when I didn’t even do anything wrong and I got attacked for it.

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